WildSpot is a game that lets Earth-based players ("humans") perceive, explore and report on important events now occurring in Venn Spaces. These are areas where two different dimensions overlap—in this case, Earth and its twin planet, Chi.

Dangerous and disruptive organisms known as Vivivores, or "Vores" for short, have been cultivating Venn Spaces between Chi and Earth. They hope to gain access to Earth, so they can turn it into an exclusive vacation destination, with exciting new things to do and to eat. This would probably not be good for humans.

WildSpot is brought to you by the Earth-based organizations AAAS, Innovative Learning Institute and Springtail Media, with major funding provided by the National Science Foundation, in cooperation with the Inter-Dimensional Council, a consortium of advanced civilizations in the Near Dimension Cluster (NDC).

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under Grant No. DUE-1713319. Any opinions, findings, interpretations, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of its authors and do not represent the views of the National Science Foundation.

How to Play

Navigate to a WildSpot portal. Once there, you will be asked to trace a letter on your device screen to deactivate the forcefield protecting the portal. Tapping on the WildSpot then opens the portal into Venn Space—the area where Earth and Chi realities overlap.

The Guardian for the portal will give you your mission. You will earn Star Points as you meet mission goals. Some Quests will involve multiple levels. Once your Quest is complete, leave Venn Space through the same portal through which you entered.

Earning Star Points advances your rank, from Seeker to Defender to Ranger, with ten levels within each rank. Higher levels and ranks have access to new tools and enhancements. You may also earn the opportunity to join real-world, Earth-based exploration activities in your area.

All material and data collected during your Quest is stored in your Backpack. Share what you've found with others using sharing tools included in the Backpack.

The Scoreboard shows your game status and that of other players and teams.

Important WildSpot information is shared at the Communications screen.

WildSpot tools include:

Map—shows your location and allows you to drop pins and make notes on spots of interest.

Camera—records images, video and other spectrographic data for analysis

Data Probe—launches data collection device for remote analysis

Microphone—records audio (Ranger level access)

Journal—Quest note-taking tool (Ranger level access)

Data Journal—Tool for detailed data collection (Ranger level access)